The Process

No referral needed

While we welcome referrals from your general dentist, unlike a medical specialist, referrals are not required to see a dental specialist such as an orthodontist.

Our office

West Shore Orthodontics has been designed to provide you with a welcoming, safe and comfortable environment. Each clinical station is semi-divided from the adjacent one with a view of Langford Lake to the north, allowing for an open environment that still maintains privacy.

Your first visit

Your complimentary initial consultation will introduce you to our office and team.

At the initial consult we will:

  • 1.

    Set goals

    Discuss what you hope to gain from treatment.

  • 2.

    Review history

    Go over your medical and dental history.

  • 3.


    A complete orthodontic exam including the taking of photo's and x-rays as needed

  • 4.

    Treatment plan

    Create a plan best suited to your specific diagnosis.

  • 5.


    Discuss payment plans, insurance info & answer any of your questions!

The Adventure Begins

After your initial consultation, we’re excited to bring you to the next step in achieving your treatment goals. Using the latest technology in intra-oral scanning, we obtain a 3-D digital scan of your teeth.

Read more about 3D scanning

From there, your appliance will then be ready for placement by Dr. Ayers. Our staff will answer any questions you may have in regards to the new appliance and carefully go over the important home care information.

Depending on your individualized treatment needs, we will then want to see you for an appointment at regular intervals, typically every 6-8 weeks. Keeping regular appointments at the recommended intervals is essential to keep your teeth moving along on schedule.

During the course of treatment, it is essential that your regular dental cleanings and oral health exams are maintained with your general dental office. Throughout the course of your treatment, our office will correspond with your general dentist, or with any other involved dental specialist, as needed.

W$O Dollars

In order to achieve an excellent result in an efficient manner, it truly is a team effort on the part of everyone involved, the patient included! As a reflection of the efforts that patients need to put into their treatments, we have created the W$O Dollars patients rewards program.

Patients can earn W$O Dollars for such things as;

  • excellent brushing and flossing,
  • arriving on time for their appointments,
  • wearing their appliances full-time,
  • and much more.

W$O Dollars can be redeemed for a variety of items or even donated to a local charitable organization.